Phoebe Cary has rightly said, “Never is true love blind, but rather brings an added light.”

This wonderful quote explains the beauty of love and gives strength to the fact that love can happen anywhere with anyone and in any instance. This is one of the reasons why people are not shying away from exploring the concept of a blind date. It is one of the increasing trends that are followed by the younger generations who are not afraid to experiment even in the territory of love. If you are still in a dilemma whether to go for a blind date or not, here are the few factors that can encourage you to try it for once.

The mystery is the key element

 There are lots of people who are simply enthralled with surprises or mysteries and this is where bling dating becomes interesting. When you don’t have the slightest idea about a person with whom you are going to meet, it automatically adds a unique layer of excitement and euphoria in the whole process of dating.

No strict rules & algorithms to follow

 When you know a person for a long time personally and has agreed to go on a date, it becomes a lot of hard work to impress your partner according to his/her choice and preference. However, there is no such baggage in a blind dating and you can wear anything and can behave the way you want.

The charm of old school tricks

If you have always been fascinated by the old school tricks and charm, bling dating is simply for you. Isn’t it interesting to meet someone unfamiliar who has been arranged by your best friend, colleague or family member keeping in mind your preferences for a guy or gal? It is a special kind of feeling which can give you goosebumps as well as make you elated in anticipation of your “perfect soul mate”.

A wider scope of the conversation
couple talking on a blind dating
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As two individuals are meeting each other for the first time in a blind dating, so there is virtually a lot of stuff to talk about. Both the individuals can talk and ask about each other hobbies, profession, life goals, favourite movies and other such things in order to explore each other in a better way. Moreover, there would not be any instances of long pauses when you know each other for a long time before.

A gateway to future love stories

 As we all know life is unpredictable, so who knows where a blind dating can take two unknown individuals in their future life. May be they could start dating each other seriously or can even tie up nuptials for a life long journey. It could be that your blind dating can be a perfect future love story in the making.

gateway to future love stories
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So, don’t stop yourself from experimenting a little and do explore the unchartered territory of bling dating without any second thoughts. Moreover, life needs to be thrilling and adventurous as “simple is too boring”.

India is a country with rich cultural diversity where every state or region has its own distinct characteristics. Jammu and Kashmir which is known as “Heaven on Earth” is renowned for its mesmerizing beauty, mouth-watering cuisines and warm hospitality. If you are planning a trip to this wonderful state, don’t forget to try out some of its lip-smacking cuisines that can make your journey truly memorable.

Rogan Josh
rogan josh
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It is one of the signature dishes of Kashmir and consists of aromatic lamb. The huge popularity of Rogan Josh is attributed to Mughals who introduced it to this region. This amazing cuisine has a deep red colour which is said to be obtained from the distinct Kashmiri Lal Mirchi, dried flowers or extraordinary roots of ratan jot, a herb. It is further flavoured with ginger, garlic and aromatic spices to get a divine taste. Further, the juicy pieces of lamb or mutton are washed properly and cooked slowly on a low flame. Once it is prepared, enjoy the wonderful amalgamation of tender meat and spices with roti or naan.

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The celebration of important occasions and events in Kashmir is incomplete without the presence of this traditional dish of Goshtaba. It is an extraordinary cuisine which is minced mutton balls that are cooked in the presence of yoghurt and fragrant spices. This mouth-watering cuisine is served as a side dish after the meal and melts instantly in your mouth.

Dum Aloo
kashmiri dum aloo
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The diverse cuisine of Kashmir also has much to offer vegetarians in the form of this special dish. Here, potatoes are cooked for a long time till they become soft by soaking up the yummy gravy made from yoghurt, ginger, fennel and other spices. Dum Aloo is prepared with baby potatoes and can be delightfully enjoyed with rice or rotis.

kashmiri yakhni
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Offering you unique flavours, Yakhni can leave your taste buds asking for more. The cuisine is a yummy blend of mutton, yoghurt, clove, bay leaves, cardamom and cinnamon. With a dash of saffron, in the end, you can enjoy this cuisine with steaming pulao to satiate your palate.

Modur Pulao
Modur Pulao
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You need to prepare this sweet potato dish known as Modur Pulao with a generous dose of ghee. This aromatic dish is further sprinkled with the mild spices, dry fruits and nuts making it a delightful engagement with your taste buds. To attain a heavenly taste, you can pair up the dish with spicy Dum Aloo and can pamper yourself after a tiring day long journey.

So, give yourself a relishing treat of these regional Kashmiri cuisines and take your soul-stirring journey to another level. It is time to delight your taste buds a little.

So the verdict is out! The underdog of the year “Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety” has entered the much coveted “100 crores” club. It is the second movie of this year to find its strong place in this club. If you have loved Pyar Ka Punchnama and its misogynistic ethics, you would surely adore this one too. The only difference is that this time Luv Ranjan (director) just got better with the plot and treatment, Karthik Aryan improved his dialogue delivery, and Nusrat Bharucha learned to steal the show even when the script gave her less space.

If you still haven’t watched it or still dwindling in two-minds to watch it, here are 6 strong reasons to enjoy the show!

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety
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In India, they say that marriage happens between two families. But in cities, friends have become the new family. So for a marriage to work, it is imperative that your friends like the new person in your life and vice versa” said the director. Titu is a ludicrous guy who would cry when his girlfriend is upset as he checked her Tinder account without seeking her permission! He needs a Sonu who would shower some sanity to him that “while you are in a live-in relationship with someone, you should not have Tinder”. Sonu goes to the extreme extent of breaking the marriage of Titu with Sweety as she is a dominating and clever minded gold-digger.

Even a Sanskari (cultured) Baapu (Father) knows Your Uber-Cool Dude Lingo

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Ok, hold your breath! Have you ever imagined our own Saanskari Baapu mouthing the cuss words? Alok Nath as Ghasitaram walks with his head high totally absorbing into an uber-cool dude avatar. He is the owner of a chain of a sweet shop who at his 70’s is enjoying just like a teenager. He accompanies his grandson to his “Bachelor Party” in Amsterdam. He enters the pubs and drinks like a Pro! He even helps Sonu in breaking the marriage. Man! How beautifully he utters those cuss words numerous times – that’s one of the remarkable reasons to enjoy the movie.

Men Vs Women – The Forever Battle

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A new genre of movies has emerged with this fourth movie of Luv Ranjan and that can be called “battle of the sexes”. This eternal fight between men and women has always remained but Luv Ranjan has made it humorous. Keep the feminism or misogyny terms away for some time and just absorb the intensely playful drama. Who wins is not so important because in the end, your enjoyment would win.

A Commendable Supporting Cast

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This movie has given space to the supporting cast too well. With actors of admirable talent like Ayesha Raza, Virendra Saxena, Alok Nath, Pawan Chopra, Pritam Jaiswal (the obedient servant Babu), and Deepika Amin playing the family, you won’t have any room for complaint. You would instantly feel like being a part of this crazy family!

The Peppy Songs and Sexy Dance Steps – Ok Your Next Wedding Party is Sorted!

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Ok so, Honey Singh is back! A while ago, a Honey Singh rap was must for every Bollywood movie. He has made a comeback with two songs here that would play in the pubs. The 90’s hit “Dil Chori” and a rendition of “Tote Tote” as “Chhote Chhote Peg” would give you a nostalgic call for sure. Apart from that “Lakk tera hit”, “Bom Diggy Diggy” are those peppy numbers that you must have on your list for rocking house parties. Watch the steps to repeat in the next wedding function.

Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment & This is Pure Entertainment

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As told by Vidya Balan in The Dirty Picture, “Filmein sirf teen cheezo ke wajah se chalti hai … entertainment, entertainment, entertainment … aur main entertainment hoon”. Yes, we all agree to that Films do well only because of those 3 reasons … and this film is all about entertainment. “EK baat batau, Dosti aur Ladki mein hamesha ladki jeet ti hai” , “Maan gaya ladki ko, Chanakya ki maa hai ye aurat”, “Aisi family maine last time Hum Aapke Hai Koun mein dekhi thi 1996 mein” – these are some famous one-liners to pump you up for an enjoyable ride.

Go and enjoy this funny comic caper with your best buddies!

Being in love is the most comforting feeling. Knowing that even when the whole world turns its back on you, there will be that one person waiting for you at the end of the tunnel- nothing in the whole world can beat that amazing feeling!! Love relationships come with a lot of perks- the sweet good morning texts, walking hand in hand, making up after the silly fights, and stealing kisses. They make you feel alive and see beauty everywhere around. Yes, being in love is quite magical!!

If you want a relationship that looks and feels like the most amazing thing on earth, you need to treat it like it is the most amazing thing on earth-Anonymus

When in a relationship, the most important thing to remember is- “They only work, when you work.” If you are in a long-distance relationship, you must have heard your friends and family members saying that it’s never going to work out and eventually you will get your heart broken. Our suggestion- don’t listen to them!! If there is love in the heart and face of that special someone always lights up your day, then distances don’t matter. We are not saying that a long-distance relationship is going to be all smiles and no tears. Of course, there are going to be a few challenges, like any other relationship, but the proper communication, clarity, and commitment will let it sail smoothly.

So here are some golden tips to keep your long-distance relationship alive and strong!!

Be Open about Your Feelings

Be Open about Your Feelings
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Hiding feelings and not letting your partner know how you feel about your relationship does no good to anyone. Talk to them about anything and everything!! If there are some qualities of your partner that you adore with all your heart, do let them know. Similarly, if any of their habits bother you, never hide it from them. Because you never know when the little obstacles can become mountains and ruin the relationship.

Communicate Regularly and Clearly

Communicate Regularly
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The first and foremost step for a successful long-distance relationship is- healthy and regular communication. It keeps you updated about the life of your partner and its happenings. Choose the time and mode of communication. Send pictures, audios, and videos to each other from time to time. These cute little things go a long way in strengthening your relationship and making your partner feel loved. Also, set some ground rules so that your actions don’t take the other person by surprise.

Give Some Space to Your Partner

Give Space
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No matter how busy or engaged we get in life, we all need some time alone. And being alone doesn’t mean lonely. After all, self-introspection help us realize our strengths and weaknesses that strive us to become a better person, which benefits our partner in a great way. When in the long-distance relationship, people sometimes have these impractical expectations that their partner will answer their calls in the very first ring and respond straight away to every text. Don’t keep such expectations!! Give enough space to your partner to let your relationship grow organically.

Honesty and Trust Is the Key

Be Honest
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It is quite common to have the feelings of fear, insecurity, and jealousy in relationships. And they tend to become bigger when you live away from your partner. Do not let the paranoia swallow up your peace of mind. Honesty and trust must be the foundation of every relationship. And if you ever doubt that your partner is not being loyal to you, then instead of spying on their social media accounts, go and talk directly to them before it gets too late.

Visit Each Other As Much As You Can

Visit Each Other
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Getting to meet your partner, holding hands, and kissing them is quite a luxury in a long-distance relationship. But whenever it happens, it is extra special, the feeling is quite magical and you can hear the violins playing in the background. You can make a pact with your partner that every alternate month you will meet each other, try some new activities, and create beautiful memories to treasure till you get to meet next.

Be Positive

Be Positive
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Staying positive in all the situations makes life much better. Don’t be sad that you are miles apart from your partner. Just be grateful for the fact that you have someone to love who loves you back with all their heart and soul. You may get less time to meet each other, but remember it is always quality that matters over quantity. So never forget to enjoy your little meetings that are sweet as heaven!!

Long distance relationships may be tough, but they give you reasons to love your partner harder!! We hope the tips mentioned above work for you in a miraculous way and make your relationship happier and stronger.