Marriage in society is considered as the union of two people in a relationship. In the starting, you get to learn a few good things about your partner, the chemistry works fine and everything seems hunky dory. Once the honeymoon phase gets over and reality hits you, you start finding flaws in the compatibility and come across situations you never thought would be an issue. The disagreement on several issues keeps on piling up until it leads to a dead end and people are left with no other choice but to divorce or separate.

Sometimes divorce seems the right choice but not for people who want to find solutions to their problems before giving up. To handle such difficulties, the marriage counselling goes a long way that saves the marital relationship and strengthens it.

Here we are going to talk about the importance of marriage counselling for discussing marital disagreement issues.

Help Address Your Problems

Going for marriage counselling let you take some time out of your busy life and focus on the issues that you and your partner are dealing with. You address your problems in front of the counsellor that helps achieve a deeper understanding of the differences that are ruining your marriage.

Provides Effective Communication Methods

Sometimes the spouses want to improve their relationship but are not sure how to do it. The counsellor provides the spouses with effective communication methods to convey their thoughts and problems to each other.

Help Identify Reasons for Conflict

The counsellor studies the behavioral pattern of the spouses and tries to identify the reasons for conflict. Once the counsellor identifies such behavioral characteristics, it can help the couple to understand and work on them.

Help Couple Work On Their Shortcomings

Counselling provides couples the platform to confront the issues causing problems in their marriage. It helps to improve their communication and let them work on bad habits, such as not listening to their partner, interrupting them or not giving them the chance to respond.

Help Identify the Behaviour of Your Partner

We always have this perception in our mind of how we want our partner to be. And when they turn out to be different that leads to utter disappointment in a relationship. The counselling helps create a clear picture of who your partner really is that helps avoid the misunderstandings. It provides the window to understand each other’s desires, needs and respect them.

Provides Communication Tools To Strengthen Marital Relationship

Marriage counselling teaches the spouses to stay responsible to each other. The counsellor assigns some tasks and communication exercises to the couple to practice at home what they have learned during the session. Like, talking to your partner about your routine, sharing funny incidents, how you feel about certain things, etc. Learning new methods to strengthen your relationship will only work if they are put into practice.

Teaches To Resolve Issues in a Healthy Manner

Counselling teaches you to resolve your issues in a healthy manner without resentment or anger. You will learn to listen to your spouse, process what they are saying and then communicate your feelings to them.

If you feel there are problems in your marriage which are quite significant, then it is important to seek professional help of a counsellor. The marriage counselling, like any other type of counselling, can help address the problems and initiate the process of change for the betterment of your marital life.

Someone has rightly said, “A relationship is like a house. When a light bulb burns out you do not go and buy a new house, you fix the light bulb.” Yes, the beautiful quote has great relevance for any relationship and especially the newly married couples need to make all-out efforts to ensure a smooth sailing in their future life ahead. If you have just been involved in nuptials and want to forge a stronger relationship with your loving partner, here are the few goals that need to be fulfilled by a newly-wed couple.

Help each other financially 
couple helping each other financially
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Being married to someone means being available and supportive of another partner at all times. In a marriage, there is no hard and fast rule that all the expenses of the house need to be handled by a single partner whosoever it may be. However, both the partner need to take it as a collective responsibility and contribute accordingly.

Sharing household responsibilities together
couple helping in household work
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Just like the finances of the house, sharing household responsibilities is another crucial aspect of any mutual relationship. Don’t make the household chores as the sole responsibility of your wife or something out of your discretion. It would be really nice for a budding married relationship where a male partner is helping the other in various odd jobs like cleaning, cooking and other such tasks.

Respect in-laws of each other
Respect In Laws
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There should not be anything like “mine” and “yours” in a married relationship. You both need to give adequate respect and proper treatment to each other in-laws in order to establish a strong foundation of your mutual relationship. Always remember that in a marriage, in-laws play an important role and things could spoil drastically if any one of them is not respectful towards them.

Help each other to achieve fitness goals
couple achieving fitness goals together
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It is observed that couples who are healthy and fit tend to enjoy their married life in a proper way. Make efforts to ensure the good health of your partner by encouraging him or her to follow a healthy diet, active lifestyle, regular exercise regimen and a lot of other positive habits. You both can even join a gym or sports club together to stay fit and can give important relationship goals to other people.

Resolve mutual issues amicably
couple resolving issues
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It is possible that you and your partner may have differences over certain issues again and again. However, don’t let these trivial matters become a bone of contention in your mutual relationship and try to find solutions in an amicable manner.

Spend quality time together as and when possible

Marriage is a big responsibility and newly married couples have to make sincere efforts in this direction. No doubt, these early adjustments and a completely changed routine can make you constantly on your toes. Therefore, balance your work and other commitments in such a way that you can spend quality time with your partner on a weekend. Do plan out a candlelit dinner, a movie or shopping date with your partner to ensure strong bonding and mutual love.

So, follow these relationship goals and you can easily be an “ideal couple” among your peers and loved ones. It is all about making these little efforts that can reward you with fantastic results in your upcoming married life.

You always dreamt of your prince charming who would come on a white horse and take you away. So finally you have found that special someone with whom you cannot wait to start the new phase of your life. He is your true soul mate in every sense, who makes you skip a beat every time he looks at you. If there is still some time left for your wedding that means there is time for you to get to know each other in a better way. So use this courtship period to explore more about the likes and dislikes of your partner that can strengthen your relationship in the long run.

Here are a few tips to spice up your courtship period and make the perfect use of it.

Spend Quality Time Together

Wedding in a few days means lots of shopping and preparations. But ensure to make some time for your partner, after all, time is the best gift that you can offer to your loved ones. Catch up for a quick cup of coffee, go on a dinner date or maybe join a hobby class together. It will help you two get along well and talk to each other about important things in life.

Spend Quality Time Together
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Introduce Your Partner to Your Friends

You are going to marry this person, right? You should definitely introduce him to your girly gang and let them gel well together. Tell your girls about your husband-to-be and talk to him about them. It will always help the guy to know a lot about her wife-to-be. You can plan dates together to have super fun with your future husband and besties.

Introduce Your Partner to Your Friends
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Get To Know Your In-Laws

You don’t just get married to a person, you marry his entire family. And in some scenarios, you may have to move in with your in-laws after marriage. So try to make a good equation with them that can help you adjust well after the marriage. Go for shopping with your mother-in-law, call her on a regular basis and try to get to know about the likes and dislikes of your future husband from her.

Get To Know Your In-Laws
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Discuss Your Wedding and Honeymoon

Planning a wedding can be quite nerve-wracking if there are more conflicts and misunderstandings than agreements. Plan your wedding together to know each other’s choice and preferences. It will help you stay on the same page, adjust for each other and make the arrangements accordingly. And you should also plan your honeymoon (the most romantic trip of your life) before marriage, such as the destination, booking tickets, etc. It will heat things up and bring you closer to each other.

Discuss Your Wedding and Honeymoon
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Make Future Plans Together

Marriage is a lifelong commitment that requires strong planning based on the agreements of both the partners. During the courtship period, you should start discussing the important things, such as career choices, how many kids you want, when you want to plan for kids, when to buy your own apartment, etc. Discussing these things will offer you the sense of belonging towards your partner.

Make Future Plans Together
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Once you have found the person you want to grow old with, a wonderful life awaits you ahead. Try to make each and every moment beautiful and memorable by loving and trusting your partner at every step of life.