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There is no dearth of places in Delhi to take your sweetheart on a sweet, romantic date on a fine evening. Still, every time you want to spend some quality time with the love of your life, you struggle hard to think of one good place. Maybe because there is hardly any privacy in malls, India Gate is just overcrowded, and you have been to Old Fort some zillion times. We understand the struggle is hard to think of a perfect place to have some good time with your girlfriend. That’s why we have curated a list of fresh, romantic venues in Delhi where you can bond with your beloved, have some fun, and create unforgettable memories.

Garden Of Five Senses, Saidul Ajaib

What could be better than enjoying some silent moments of life with your date amidst the bright, lush flowers of different species? Quite a heaven for lovebirds in Delhi, you can take a romantic way on the path through the garden while appreciating the natural beauty around. And don’t be shy to steal a mushy moment with your sweetheart during the walk. When the hunger strikes in, there are enough restaurant options to share a romantic meal with your date, including Fio and Magique.

Garden Of Five Senses
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Lodhi Gardens, Lodhi Road

A must-visit place for lovers, situated near Khan Market in Lodhi Road of South Delhi. A peaceful and relaxing winter afternoon spent with your partner strolling along the ancient ruins of Lodhi Garden is something you will remember for the years to come. Hours will go by having heart-to-heart conversations with your partner and enjoying the tranquility of gardens. It also has some famous food joints nearby to complete your date with some mouth-watering food and desserts.

Lodhi Gardens
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Parthasarathy Rocks, JNU

An amazing place for all the lovers in Delhi who would love to enjoy the gorgeous sunset with their partner by their side. It is an open-air auditorium in the JNU campus surrounded by rocky hills and the perfect amount of solitude. The pink and purple hues of the sky and cool breeze passing through your hair are sure to turn your date into a fabulous moment that will be etched in your memory for eternity. Once you witness the beautiful sunset from this spot in the city, you would want to do that over and again.

Parthasarathy Rocks
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The Fort and Deer Park, Hauz Khas Village

Hauz Khas Complex is popular among people as the party planet. It turns into a super fun place right when the night kicks in. But the Hauz Khas Fort with a beautiful lake in the backdrop is perfect to have a romantic date with your beloved. Absorbing the lush greenery and exploring beautiful breeds of deer and swan in the Deer Park is a serene experience to have in the middle of the city. With a number of cafés in the locality offering delicious Chinese, Mediterranean, Mughlai, and Indian delicacies, you can have your favorite dishes enjoying the view of the fort and lake with your beloved.

Hauz Khas Fort
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Connaught Place

Talking about the best date places in Delhi, how can we not include Connaught Place on the list? Known as one of the busiest places in the city, people still manage to have some quiet and romantic moments with their partner and that’s the beauty of this place. You can take a romantic walk around CP, sit in the Central Park for a cozy chat or just fly away the huge flocks of pigeons from walkaway after feeding them. When the empty tummy calls, you can always head to any of the several cafes and restaurants in this area for a romantic dinner with your date.

Connaught Place
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Try the places mentioned above for some quality time with your loved one and you will end up thanking us for making your date a happy and memorable one.

Traveling opens up the eyes of the mind and heart and make us experience a better version of life. Traveling alone is a wonderful idea but when you have a special person with whom you share your life, take a chance to visit the most romantic places in the world. The amazing view of these places would give you more chances to fall in love with each other.

So, simply buy the tickets and explore the world together to find new meaning to romance

Paris, France

It is touted to be the most romantic city in the world. It is said that this city is never out of love and romance. The prime attraction is obviously the Eiffel Tower but apart from that, the view of the crystal chandeliers, fine linens, antique furnishings, and marble baths in historic hotels make your stay way more romantic. The hotels and restaurants spoil you with showers of flowers, champagnes, and fireworks – a perfect combination of romance and passion. The French people don’t eat and drink to live but they live to eat and drink. This place perfectly knows how to entwine romance in each and every dishes and drink. Unlike many parts of the world where PDA is reprimanded, Parisians simply adore the couples who are engaged in PDA. There is even a popular guidebook to the best spots for kissing in Paris. You can hire a personal photographer to get the best kissing pictures. So, simply hold the hand of your darling and experience this place!

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Rome, Italy

Are you thinking of a romantic gateway? Then, Rome would be a great place for your romantic escapade. There is a subtle old-world charm attached to this place and that makes it really romantic. Adore the beautiful architecture together, go and witness the grassy landscapes, and get mesmerized by the art of Raphael, Bernini, or Caravaggio. The bridge of the angels, The Garden of the Oranges, Pincio Gardens, or the Trevi Fountain is going to give you some unforgettable memories! This city has much romance in its kitty to offer you and thus you must visit it once in a lifetime.

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Kyoto, Japan

The Japanese are very peace-loving people and this place Kyoto resonates that nature of the Japanese people truly. This beautiful city brims with scenic beauty in every turn. So, it would be a wonderful place to spend your honeymoon, first anniversary, or a New Year gateway. The specialty of this city is the lavish gardens like the Kyoto Botanical Gardens. The Cherry Blossom trees, exotic flowers, relaxing lush spaces, and greenhouse are the features of this garden and thus there are enough elements to help you create some everlasting memories.

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Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. This place is listed by UNESCO for an amazing beauty oozing from the cobblestone passageways. The medieval Old Town brims with baroque architecture are one of the prime features of this place. You may also visit Verkiai Palace – a palace built in the 14th Century and reconstructed in the 18th Century. The lakes, gardens and picturesque landscape offer high voltage romanticism and thus you and your sweetheart must visit this unique place once in your life. Apart from that if you and your honey have a special liking for art, you must visit Užupis – an area dedicated to art and is often compared to Paris’s Montmartre.

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Istanbul, Turkey

Straddled in the Bosphorus Strait, Istanbul is a transcontinental city. This place is Turkey’s rich cultural, economic, and historic center. It is also known as Constantinople and Byzantium. The Old City radiates various cultural influences of all those empires that once reigned here. The iconic Hagia Sophia has an interesting history – it was once a Christian Basilica and later was converted into a mosque. You also must not miss the Basilica Cistern. Sit with your sweetheart in some of the historic place and observe the sunset as Istanbul is famous for its breath-taking sunset view.

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Don’t wait for another birthday, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day celebration! When you have this list, simply pack your bags and leave home to explore romance a bit.