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We all work hard and earn money for a better standard of living and to fulfill our basic necessities. At the month-end, we sit down and calculate the profit we have made and then lay out a plan where to invest or how to utilize the money. Everyone may not jot these things down in an excel sheet but in the hindsight of mind, this calculation is always playing. There is a certain rent to pay, electricity bills and telephone bills to be cleared, savings for the future, expenditure on sudden illness, spending on certain gifts for certain occasions, etc. This is a mundane life! Sometimes, you must be feeling lazy or uninterested in everything that is going around you. That’s the time my friend to take a break, go somewhere, and feel that there is still life left in this life.

Thinking about tomorrow or in the way of saving too much for your future, you cannot and should not spoil your present time. Traveling is the solution whenever boredom strikes in your system. If you think that traveling is a lavish expenditure, then you are wrong. There are many places in India which seems like a paradise and you can be there on a shoestring budget.

Read below and know these travel destinations without feeling any hole in your pocket.

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Kasol is a small hamlet in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. It is truly a heavenly abode! If you have been there once, you would never feel like returning. You would find the hotels at rock bottom prices. Opting for the Himachal Roadways bus services would save more money. From sight-seeing to food and accommodation – this is one of the cheapest gateways in India. Additionally, you have peace and tranquility in the air to revitalize your upset soul. Sit near the Parvati River or go for trekking and gather yourself.

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This spectacular rock-cut monument stands with élan in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra. With a meager amount of only 500 bucks, you can hire a guide and explore the enchanting beauty. The rock cut of these caves provides insight into the artistic and engineering brilliance of ancient people. You can sit in a corner and read a book or if you are an artist you can spend time sketching these beautiful excavations.

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Kodaikanal is a fascinating city in the hills of the Dindigul district in the state of Tamil Nadu and the name in the Tamil language means “The Gift of the Forest”. It is a widely popular Indian travel destination. The famous Kodaikanal Lake is a visual treat. Silver cascade, Guna Cave, Coaker’s Walk, Poombarai Village, and Pine Forest are other notable places of interest here. What is staggering here is you can get juicy and tasty fried chicken at Rs. 20 only and get an accommodation at Rs. 200 only. Are you then packing your bags now?

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Do you really need an explanation on why you need to visit this place? This is a Mecca for all the hardcore party animals. Life seems like a beautiful celebration here. Enjoy the cool breeze and get swayed by the sea waves. The best thing about Goa is that it wonderfully strikes a balance between cheap and extravagant stay. You would find the cheap shacks along most of the major beaches and there cannot be any other cool place in Goa to stay. While in Goa, simply believe that beer is the substitute for water because beer is really cheap here! So, get set ready and fill your travel diary!

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Located in the Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu, this place is a popular tourist destination. The weather remains wonderful all-round the year. The gardens, parks, dams, lakes, tribal huts, and museums would offer you a memorable stay here. Apart from food and accommodation, chocolate is another cheap thing here. You would find all kind of cocoa butter that is made locally. So, while returning home, don’t forget to stuff your bags with lots of chocolates as a gift for your loved ones!

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Famously known as the “Pink City”, this place is the capital of Rajasthan and offers a smart choice for a weekend gateway. There are numerous forts and the architecture would take you back in the history. For the lovers of history like me, this is a place where I would love to return again and again. The valiant past still speaks and breathes from the walls and designs of the monuments. Hawa Mahal, Amer Fort, Nahargarh Fort, City Palace, Jal Mahal, etc. are the places of interest. And you can also get some shopping done!

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The finest quality of Darjeeling Tea is still consumed at the Buckingham Palace. This place Darjeeling in West Bengal is the seat of that world famous leaf tea. The best part is that you would find the world famous tea at a cheap price. Enjoy your stay at this quaint hill station gazing into the mountains and sipping tea. The hotel rates are really cheap and thus get your bookings done because you should not die without watching the heavenly sunrise from the Tiger Hills! When the first ray of the Sun gazes at the Kanchenjunga and the peaks blush in golden aura – you would feel how beauty and love reside in the simplest of things in life.

So, are you tempted to leave your normal life for a while and enjoy the breath-taking India?

The world-renowned chef Thomas Keller once said that “A recipe has no soul. You as the cook must bring soul to the recipe.” This is the only reason why one should never stop experimenting with food. When you see the same old monotonous things are followed, you get bored – right? The same thing applies to food also. The same old recipe or way of cooking cannot bring any thrill to the table. To break away the conventional types, here the recipe for orange fish would be covered today.

The year 2017 witnessed a heart-warming or soul-stirring movie named “Machher Jhol” which was all about the relationship between a chef and his mom. On his return to his homeland after 13 years, he is challenged by his ailing mom to cook the same fish curry he cooked as a teen. In this quest, he discovers a new recipe and in fact reinvent himself.

This unique Orange Fish recipe was shared in this movie and became quite popular among those who are open to experience experimental food recipes.

Fish, in general, carry a pungent smell but once deep-fried and cooked with other spices – there is nothing tastier than that! This combination of Orange and Fish sounds really weird – but that’s what romantic about this recipe which you must try once!


Rohu/Katla (Carp): 4-5 pieces

Ginger: 1 inch grated or 1 and a half tsp paste

Green Chilies: 5-6

Salt: As per taste

Turmeric Powder: 1 Tsp

Red Chili Powder: 1 Tsp

Cumin Powder: 1 Tsp

Coriander Powder: 1 Tsp

Sugar: As per taste

Tomatoes (Chopped): 1 Big

Garam Masala Powder: 1 Tsp

Water: 1 cup

Orange Juice: 2 Cups

Mustard Oil: 9-10 Tsp

  • First of all, clean the fish very well, remove the skin and any blood stains.
  • Let them dry a bit and then sprinkle salt and turmeric 1tsp each. Let the fish marinate for at least half an hour.
  • Heat mustard oil in a wok and fry the fishes very well. Remember to make them golden brown but not red.
  • In a separate pan, heat some oil and add ginger in grated or paste form. You have to keep frying this ginger until the raw smell goes away.
  • Now add the chopped tomatoes to this preparation which will bring the required color.
  • Now, you have to add the turmeric, chili, cumin, and coriander powder and stir for a few minutes.
  • Let the tomatoes become soft. But keep stirring so that the mixture doesn’t stick to the pan or get burnt.
  • Pour a cup of water to this mixture and boil for 5 minutes.
  • Add the sugar and salt as per your taste and boil for 2 minutes.
  • Now, put in the golden fried pieces of fish and cover the pan with a lid.
  • Let it simmer for some time (7-9 minutes) till the spices enter every inch of the fish.
  • Keep checking in between and add water to maintain the consistency.
  • Once the fish is cooked well, it’s time to add the fresh orange juice.
  • Put the slit green chilies and garam masala powder to the gravy and simmer for hardly 3 minutes.
  • Remember once you have added the fresh orange juice, you cannot simmer for a long time as that would deviate the taste.
  • Garnish with some curry leaves and slices of orange.
  • The fish is now ready to be served with some hot rice.
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A plate of rice with simply stunning orange fish is equal to bliss. Try it sometime and don’t forget to share the recipe with your friends or relatives.

There is a famous saying that “No love is greater than a mom’s love and no care is greater than a dad’s care.” It is one of the best moments of life when you make your parents smile. But with age, many things change and that is the law of life. At a certain age, you may feel that your parents are not understanding you and vice-versa. Maybe you don’t feel like calling them or returning home just to avoid any banter with them. Not only teenagers but adults also face this challenge at some point in their life. Career change, lack of relaxation, health issues, insurance premium, loans, EMI, dreams, aspirations, etc. – there are too many factors that cause a bump in this beautiful relationship.

With a few simple ways, you can mitigate this problem from your life. Read below:

Treat them as Fellow Adults and not Parents
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A lot of teenagers and some grown-ups complain that their parents don’t treat them like an adult. You have to understand that your age difference would always remain the same with them and thus you would always remain a kid to them. But, you have to help them let you grow up. Treat them like your fellow friends or acquaintances and things would get better. If you start practicing this, they would finally understand that you have grown up.

Laugh Together
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Nothing can beat the tonic of laughter when it comes to feeling easy in any relationship. Make a habit of sharing nice jokes, reading out a funny e-mail, or narrating a meme would be suggested. There would always be some amount of stress in life (both you and your parents) and humor helps to alleviate that. Remember that if you can laugh together, you are definitely doing ok!

Share Your Problems
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There cannot be anyone else in this world who can understand you better than your parents. Even when they know that you are wrong, they would try to support you because of the unconditional love they have for you. This logic would also apply here when you feel that they don’t understand you. Don’t keep silent or keep sulking in a corner, instead, share whatever is bothering you. With due respect to them, narrate which are the problems that are bothering you. If your mom or dad calls you in the daytime which hampers your professional performance, you must share that challenge with them.

Seek Opinion Only When You Require
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Sometimes, you ask your parents “what to do” in certain situations. Well, that is a way of seeking their permission or letting them know that you are still not capable of taking your own decisions. From selecting the color of the car to buying the living room furniture – you are capable enough as an adult to go choose what suits your taste! Parents would always want the best things for their child and in case they are providing a piece of advice, smile and look at it but always keep the final decision to yourself without any guilt.

Solve Your Personal & Financial Crisis on Your Own
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As a grown-up adult, you should be fully responsible for yourself. Yes, of course, you need your parents for an emotional support but seeking help from them to solve your personal or financial crisis would not be a great idea. Somewhere, you would also be proud of yourself to deal with your own challenges. This would boost your confidence and your parents would also be proud of you.

Look out for Common Interests
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The common interest can be anything like traveling, biking, hiking, fishing, reading, movie-watching, shopping, baking, dancing, singing, etc. Always look out for shared interests to spend some more quality time with them. When you share a common interest in some kind of activity, you naturally come closer to them. If your parents love to visit historical places, go with them, because who knows you may end up loving history too. Similarly, you can introduce your parents to Netflix and you never know, you would end up spending all the weekends watching Prime Videos together!

Always be Grateful
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To sustain any kind of relationship, gratitude plays an essential role. You may not like a certain habit of your parents but you simply ignore the fact that they are the reasons behind your life. So, don’t miss any small to big opportunity to appreciate their efforts as a parent. When you thank more for the good things, better things materialize.

Communication in a relationship is like the oxygen. Without proper communication, the relationship dies and thus, use these very simple methods in your daily life and improve your relationship with your parents.

India is the largest democracy in the world and we Indians boast off the fact that we have a culturally diverse country. This cultural diversity is definitely a result of the physical or topographical diversity. The presence of mountains, sea, islands, and tidal forests make India a traveler’s paradise for sure. There are many famous tourist destinations in India like Goa, Manali, Agra, Jaipur, Kashmir, Ladakh, Darjeeling, etc. But there lies an India apart from these famous destinations which are to attract a massive annual footfall. Perhaps that is one of the reasons behind the peace that you can enjoy in these less-crowded places.

To fill up your travel diary, you can thus plan to visit these flowing places in India which are quite off-beat in spirit. But you would definitely feel satiated after the visit.

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Located in the stunning Meghalaya, this place was awarded as “the cleanest village in Asia” in the year 2003 and “the cleanest village in India” in the year 2005. The breath-taking view of the East Khasi hills is simply outstanding here. It is 90 kms from Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya. One of the prime attractions of this place is the living roots bridge which depicts a miracle of Nature. So, book the tickets and pack your bags now for a thrilling stay at Mawlynnong.

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Ziro is Arunachal Pradesh’s best-kept secret. Ziro is also a World Heritage Site certified by the UNESCO. The striking name, typical tattoos on people, an internationally acclaimed ingenious method of paddy cum fish farming – are some of the peculiarities of this place. The oil painting kind of pine tree locales would give you a big relief from the hustle-bustle of busy city life. People need minimalistic things to be happy and money definitely is not one of them! You would understand this logic in this vastly different land named Ziro. It is 115 kms away from Itanagar, the capital of Arunachal Pradesh. The Apatani tribe welcomes you with a big smile and a golden heart. You can visit this place during the famous Ziro Music Festival during September.

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It is a town located in Hassan District of Karnataka. This place was the capital of the Hoysala Empire in the 12th Century and the Hoysala architecture is something praiseworthy which you cannot miss. The Dwarasamudra is the other name of this place which means “gateway to the seas”. In the early 14th century, Malik Kafur conquered this dynasty. So, if you are someone who loves to witness the remnants of the past, this place must be there in your list.

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This place belongs to Assam and it is also the world’s biggest river island in the Brahmaputra River. In the year 2016, it became the first island to be made a district in India. If you are planning to go to Assam, you must not miss this island. This island is accessible through ferries that would be available from Jorhat. It is 20 kms away from Jorhat. One can also take the bus or a hired taxi to the Nimati Steamer Ghat from where ferry services would help to reach the destination. The special interest of tourists here comprise of: The Vaishnava Satras founded by Sankardeva, The colorful culture of the tribes, Migratory birds, The Ali-ai-ligang festival in Feb-March, Pottery making, Mask making, Paal Namm festival at the end of winter, etc.

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This extremely peaceful place is located in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh which is 24 kms ride from Dalhousie. Himachal Pradesh or Chamba is quite popular but Khajjiar is a hidden beauty which is still unexplored. Many people even call it “Mini Switzerland of India”. The lush green meadows, lakes, and majestic hills make it a traveler’s paradise. You can opt for paragliding, horse-riding, or zorbing while you are here. Or simply, take a cup of tea and enjoy your sketching, reading, writing, or singing!

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This place belongs to Gujarat and is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park is a pure delight as it holds Hindu and Islamic style of the design dating back to 8th to 16th Century. This city Champaner was built by Sultan Mahmud Begada of Gujarat in the lap of the Pavagadh hills. You would find forts with bastions, palaces, entrance gates and arches, mosques, tombs and temples, residential complexes, agricultural structures and water installations such as step wells and tanks starting from the hills of Pavagadh, and extending into the city of Champaner. History still speaks from the walls of the forts here. This place is worth visiting.

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Lunglei is the second largest city of Mizoram belonging to North East India. The name of the place means “bridge of rock”. Blessed with an unmatchable natural beauty, this place also has some other tourist attractions. They are Zobawk Sports Academy, Kawmzawl Park, Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary, Saikuti Hall, and Thuamluaia Mual. A helicopter service has been initiated by Pawan Hans between Aizawl and Lunglei. This place is 165 kms from Aizawl.

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The crystal clear beaches, serene hills, peaceful shrines, nostalgic lighthouses, this is a beach town located in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala on the shores of the Arabian Sea. It is 40 kms North West of Thiruvananthapuram. Although Kerala has a flat coastline, this is the only place in the South fo Kerala where cliffs are found adjacent to the sea. In 2015, this place has been marked as a geo-heritage site by the Geological Survey of India. Papanasam Beach is one of the most popular places here where the Sadhus or Sages perform holy rituals to clear you off sins. A dip in the sea water here is believed to ward off sins. Kappil Lake, Anjengo Fort, Varkala Tunnel, Sivagiri Mutt, etc. are some other tourist attractions here.

So, explore India like never before and see how different people are in different pockets of the country.

An old proverb says – “Early to bed and early to rise; Makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”. Right when the Sun rises, it is a signal of a New Day to wake up and start afresh with all your work. The Daytime is to work and the night is there to sleep without tension. Many of our modern day baggage leave us with a topsy-turvy lifestyle and that results in a barrage of ailments from hypertension, diabetes, insomnia, anxiety, etc. There is a method to approach life and waking up early, right on time is necessary to face life – as simple as that! Sometimes, you may feel the need to break free such strict schedule of waking up early to enjoy your escapades, but make sure in the long run you don’t lose touch with your early morning hours activeness because that would make you a better version of yourself!

Read the few benefits of waking up early and motivate yourself for leading a better life. Because, my friend, you get only one life and that should be well-lived.

Enjoy the Quiet Time
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Just like the silent night, a peaceful morning also has its beauty. This peaceful time has a lot of energy in its store and if you are not an early riser, you are missing out something major! Enjoy your exercise, self-analysis, goal-setting, making an agenda for the day, meditation, etc. in this early morning hours. You can gather your mind to solve the problems of your life. Waking up early also gives you some extra time to get ready for work and be the best at it. You can avoid the peak hour traffic and reach office before time and that would give a better impression to your management. Actually, in this early morning hours, you can focus in a better way as there is hardly anyone to distract you!

Productivity Increases
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Life cannot be workless – right? To prove that you are alive and to keep marching forward, you have to work as that gives a shape to you. Early rising makes you more productive than the rest who don’t get up early. The morning fresh air has its magical effect on your body and mind. It energies your cells and enables you to take lesser time in finishing the tasks assigned to you. Not only that, you can take better decisions than others promptly, achieve your set goals, and plan better than others. This logic applies to both professionals and students.

Better Mental Health
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You can always take medicine or apply ointment to heal your physical injury. But what about the mental illness? No medicine cannot cure the mental anxiety – it is all about good practices. Waking up early is one of the most effective ways to stay mentally fit. Those who wake up early in the morning are happier and possess a more positive approach towards life than others. In your stressful days also you should not miss upon waking up early because that eliminates stress quicker!

Blissful Sleep
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Just like your mobile phone needs to be charged to work swiftly, your body needs a proper sleep to work the next day. An undisturbed 6-8 hours of sleep keeps you mentally and physically active all through the day. Early rising will automatically make you crawl to the bed after 9-10 P.M. at night. To improve the quality of life, to eliminate all signs of stress, and to keep a positive mind, this habit of sleep must be followed.

Helps in a Healthy Diet
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Waking up early means, you would not be late for your assignments. This would give you time to prepare and eat your breakfast properly without any rush. If you snooze your morning alarm, you are more likely to skip the most important meal of the day i.e., breakfast and tend to starve or overeat later. Both these situations lead to an unhealthy diet system which would be harmful in the long run.

Benjamin Franklin once said that “The early morning has gold in its mouth”. That is true. If you wish to achieve something in life, start it in the daytime and see the results coming in your lap so easily! If you are a late riser, you can take baby steps towards improving that habit. Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier every week and over a period of time and see the magic!