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Being born and brought up in India you must be well-aware of the loving, caring, and over-protective nature of your parents. Growing up, they pamper you so very much, always hold close to their heart and fulfill all your wishes at the very first command. They always have full faith in you, wants you to become independent and take important decisions in life. But when it comes to taking their permission to travel solo, inevitably they only have one thing to say- NO.

Apart from the over-protective nature, there are a lot many factors that stop Indian parents from letting their adult kids travel across borders. The increased rate of crime, fear of getting exposed to the harsh world, and media spread hatred are just a few to name. But parents need to understand that when they stop their kids from traveling, they take away a great learning experience and leave them broken hearted. Better education and a stable job may certainly help your kids live a financially stable life. But traveling help them develop a perspective towards life, come out of their comfort zone and make them strong-minded.

So here are a few important factors that prove why Indian parents should let their kids travel solo.

Best Opportunities to Explore

Travel was a luxury and only for rich people in the olden days. But with time, proper planning and thanks to reduced fares, it has become much easier to satisfy your wandering soul. Letting your kids travel to far-off destinations give them the opportunity to explore new, adventurous, and unadulterated places. They get a chance to meet people from different walks of life, get exposure to several cultures and traditions, and learn new languages, which were unknown to them earlier. It gives them the opportunity to actually visit the fascinating places which earlier they only had the privilege to see in pictures and television.

Boosts Confidence and Emotional Growth

When you allow your kids to explore the world, they come back as a more confident, self-assured, and compassionate soul. Once they are out on the road alone, exposed to several raw experiences, they learn to adapt and adjust on their own. They manage things and take important decisions in life that allows them to know their inner-self in a much better way. After traveling the world, one becomes a changed person with much wisdom, freedom, and confidence!!

Helps Come Out Of the Comfort Zone

Staying within the protective boundaries of home amidst the caring family members build a cocoon around your kids and put them in a comfortable zone. Where they remain completely unaware of the challenges and hardships of the outside world and life. Going to unknown destinations makes them completely rely on themselves and test their patience in several ways. Which certainly brings them out of their comfort zone. And coming out of it, help them grow as an individual that let them fight the unforeseen circumstances in life without much mental stress.

Prepares for Bigger Challenges in Life

No trip is ever complete without the obstacles and challenges. Not even a single one. Solving the little problems while traveling solo and coping up with obstacles on their own prepare your kids for the bigger challenges in life. It makes them stronger from inside and helps grow as a traveler and a human being. It helps them understand that they can achieve anything in life once they set their mind and heart for it.

Enriches With Great Experience

Experience is the biggest earning in life, which can never be replaced by the big bank balance or monetary benefits. There are certain lessons we learn from our teachers at school and the elders at home. But there are other lessons that one needs to learn on their own. Backpacking across the world let your kids escape from the monotonous routine and experience a different kind of lifestyle. Where they take on certain responsibilities, struggle a lot and emerge as a winner with a smile at the end. Traveling enrich their life with amazing stories regarding their experiences and transformation, which they love to share with other people.

Travelling is one of the best life experiences that you can have and its benefits are countless. Encourage your kids to travel solo to let them emerge as a strong, humble, and confident human being!!

A life without love is no life at all.

Cinderella Story

What is it about love stories that touch our heart and leave us spellbound? The way they define the zealous love between two souls, their devotion and how passionately they feel for each other. Which often makes people go gaga over them. Of course, love stories are not always the fairy-tales-coming-true because each one of them goes through their fair share of struggles. One such heart-breaking 20th-century love story from the history of Britain is of Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend.

These names may sound similar to you if you have been binge watching Netflix series- The Crown just like me. Just two seasons of this series are out, which gives you more than sneak peeks to the life and history of the royal family and the engaging love story of Peter and Margaret.

Princess Margaret was the younger daughter of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth and the sister of Queen Elizabeth II. Peter Townsend was a Royal Air Force officer who served as an equerry to King George VI from 1944 to 1952. There was a huge gap of 16 years between Margaret and Peter but that never stopped them from falling in love with each other. The ethereal beauty, sense of humor and beautiful eyes of Margaret won the heart of Peter and what attracted her towards him that he was a handsome war veteran quite mature than the other boys of her age.

If you dig a bit, you may find several speculative stories regarding the striking romance between these two. Some suggest that their love-affair started in the year 1947 when they accompanied each other to Belfast, Northern Ireland for the christening of Margaret’s first ship, the Edinburgh Castle. Margaret was 17 years old then and Townsend was 32, who was at that time married with two kids. Other stories advise that it was in 1952 after the death of King George VI that Margaret fell in love with Peter after his divorce from his wife.

In 1953, the Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation took place at Westminster Abbey, which was broadcasted to the commoners through television. It was at this event, that a media journalist saw Margaret picking a piece of lint from the lapel of Peter and captured in his camera. Next day, it became a sensational news on the front page of the newspaper and was open to every citizen to discuss the love affair between a royal and a divorced commoner.

Peter proposed Margaret for marriage, but he was not considered the perfect match and their romantic engagement raised quite a few eyebrows in the royal family. Divorce was considered a taboo at that time in the history and the Church of England did not approve of the dissolution of marriage. Queen Elizabeth II was head of the Church who faced obstacles in permitting her sister, Margaret to marry Peter. So a pact was made to keep both of them separate for two years till Margaret turns 25 after which she wouldn’t require the permission of Queen to marry the man of his choice.

After their separation of two years when they met again all ready to start a married life of their own, something undesirable took place. Now to Marry Peter, Margaret had to give up her royal privileges and income and that she would be stripped off her right to the succession of the throne. It was a tough decision to make for Margaret and she decided to not marry Peter that left her brokenhearted. She announced that being a strong follower of Church’s teachings that suggests Christian marriage is indissoluble, she decided not to marry Peter and put her duty to the Commonwealth before everything else. Following which Margaret broke her relationship with Peter in 1955 and the most scandalous marriage of that time never occurred.

It was a sad episode to their dreamy love-story that left both of them heartbroken. Despite the acceptance and support from people, it was crucified for the honor of the royal family. It breaks our heart to see two people not being able to spend their life together who were crazy about each other and went through so much for the sake of their love. But their turbulent romance did contribute to changing British minds about marriage and divorce.

Their story was forgotten over time amidst the affairs of the royal family but never lost its charm, for the matter of fact. If you are keen to observe these characters carefully and want to discover more about their lives, then do catch up the Season 1 and 2 of famous Netflix series, The Crown. You will be highly influenced by witnessing their torrid affair on-screen that actual characters shared in 20th-century in Britain.

Remember the famous dialogue of Geet from the movie Jab We Met- Main Apni Favorite Hoon. It is highly commendable the way she loves and adores herself. Growing up we have been taught to be loving, caring, and compassionate towards others. But hardly anyone taught us the importance of self-love. And often the people who express their self-love openly are seen as egoistic, narcissist, and selfish. That’s the reason why people fear to accept in public how much they love themselves. Can you imagine what a wonderful place this Earth will become where everyone is encouraged to love themselves and embrace their uniqueness? It will help them love others truly and passionately.

What Does Self-Love Actually Mean?
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Self-love is often confused with narcissism, but these two are poles apart. A narcissist is absorbed with himself to the degree of insensitivity towards others. On the other hand, self-loving people find so much joy and fulfillment in life that they start sharing it with others. Being a precious human being, you deserve to be loved and respected for who you are. Self-love is the foundation of the important relationship that you share with yourself. To love yourself is the sign of accepting your existence completely and celebrating it. It allows you to accept all your strengths, weaknesses, good, and the bad in you and to be kind to yourself at every step. The way you treat yourself puts an example in front of others and show them how they should treat you and that you won’t settle for anything less than the best. Self-love helps balance your mind, body, and spirit that brings coherence, which benefits you in leading a better life. Once you start loving yourself, you get to know your worth that gives the confidence to realize your passions, dreams, and goals in life.

How Does It Help You Find the True Love?
How Does It Help You Find the True Love
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A simple rule says- To give love, you must have the love for yourself. Give the love you wish to receive and that will strengthen all your relationships. When you truly love yourself, it helps shed all negative feelings, doubts, and worries and make you more courageous to live a bigger and kinder life. You start focusing on your inner beauty and nurture it more keeping all the negativity at a distance. Happiness, confidence, peace, and gratitude become your way to live, which you keep spreading everywhere you go. These qualities attract positive people and also help your ideal partner drawn towards you. Your self-love has a huge impact on their mind and they never stop treating you as the most amazing person on the Earth. They don’t judge your love for yourself that nourishes your relationship with them and lives become much happier, vibrant, and meaningful.

What Are The Benefits of Self Love?

Self-love when practiced truly offers a lot to oneself.

  • It makes you happy, gives you confidence, and offers peace of mind, which is must for a satisfied life.
  • Once you start loving yourself, the opinions and judgment of outside people don’t matter, what matters is how you feel about yourself and that helps you to stop comparing yourself to others.
  • You gain confidence that help makes better choices and the right decisions in every walk of life.
  • Even when you face failure, it doesn’t let your spirit down and you see that as a learning opportunity to achieve growth.
  • It teaches you to be happy for others on their achievements rather than begrudging “why that can’t happen to you.”
  • Self-love teaches you to practice love, acceptance, and compassion towards others.

The wise people say that you reflect the emotion that you feel inside, therefore, self-loving people are bound to reflect the love and positivity they feel within. So if you counter negativity in life, it’s high time to fall in love with yourself!!

Whenever we have to gift something to a book lover friend or bibliophile partner, we take a huge sigh of relief and end up buying a book of their favorite author. We pretty much assume on our own that nothing could make an avid reader happier than the fragrance of the fresh pages of a new book. Well, you may be wrong on this one. What if a book lover is tired of receiving books as the only present on several occasions? What if they want a gift that is something more fun and amazing? Think a little outside the box and gift them something unique that they would be more than happy to unwrap.

To help you a little, we are listing down some great non-book gift ideas for your booklover friends that will certainly please their heart.

Bathtub Book Caddy

Bathtub Book Caddy
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Just like we all have some hobbies, a book lover always desires to have some relaxing reading time while taking a bath and sipping their favorite wine. A bathtub book caddy will definitely fulfill their desire. It will hold their book, a glass of wine, and a fragrant candle while they concentrate on their relaxing bubble bath.

Cute Bookmark

Cute Bookmark
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You are at a very engaging plot of the novel, but its late night and you have the office to attend the next morning. So, unfortunately, you cannot continue and have to wait for it. Bookmarks help you mark the last page you read so that you can pick it up from there in the future. A cutesy bookmark as a gift will certainly make the booklover swoon over it which they would be more than happy to use.

Artistic Bookends

Artistic Bookends
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Every book lover desire to just decorate their entire house with books. Be it the bookshelf, wall shelf or coffee table, they leave no spot in the entire house where you cannot find books. Gifting an artistic bookend will not just provide enough support to their books lying on the shelves but also make them look attractive enhancing the interiors of the house.

Just One More Chapter Cushion

Just One More Chapter Cushion
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We all are familiar with “Just One More Chapter” story of every book lover. Their passion for reading and crave for stories leave them reading not just one but several chapters at the end of the day. A comfy cushion with ‘Just One More Chapter’ will make a classy gift for every bibliophile out there and encourage them to read more and more or maybe just never stop.

Book-shaped Coasters

Book-shaped Coasters
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Coffee and books are literally the way to heaven!! Ask any book lover and they will agree at once. Stock an avid reader with strong coffee and good books and they’ll disappear for a long time only to return back to restock their supplies. Book-shaped coasters made out of wood will enhance their coffee experience and inspire to buy some more interesting books to read.

Personalized Book Stamp

Personalized Book Stamp
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It is always a dream of every book lover to have a library, which they can fill with their huge pile of books and pass on the wisdom to others. To help them realize their passion, gift them a personalized book stamp. And you never know, one day you’ll be sitting in a library reading a book that belongs to them!!

Book Seat

Personalized Book Stamp
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Hooked to books all day long? You must certainly feel the inconvenience of holding a book while reading it. A comfortable book seat will not just hold the book conveniently but also make your reading more enjoyable. Gift it to a reader friend to let them enjoy their reading session for long and long hours.

We are sure you must be tempted enough with the amazing gift ideas mentioned above and want to buy them all. So wait no more, and take your pick from these presents to offer something unique and memorable to your booklover friend.

Life is like a sea where you experience several highs and lows that makes the journey worthwhile. The moment of extreme happiness and sadness that life throws at us either make us or break us. If you are at an important juncture in life dealing with difficulties or looking for some motivation, then inspiring movies can actually help. Apart from entertaining, they have the best life lessons to offer that can broaden your perspective, help to take certain decisions and make you believe in yourself.

Here comes the list of inspirational Hollywood movies that will embark you towards a new journey in life.

Forrest Gump (1994)

It is the story of Forrest, a physically disabled kid with marginal intelligence who is bullied at school due to his leg braces. Trying to escape from some bullies, one day his braces fall off, revealing him to be a very fast runner. After that, there was no looking back for this guy. Later, he went on achieving many great things in life, including football scholarship, meeting President John F. Kennedy, joining the U.S. Army, and receiving the Medal of Honor for his heroism. This movie teaches us that with hard-work and constant efforts, we can overcome all the difficulties in life and achieve what we desire for.

Forrest Gump
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“You have to do the best with what God gave you.”

Shawshank Redemption (1994)

The story of Andy Dufresne, a banker who is wrongly sentenced to two consecutive life terms in Maine’s Shawshank prison for the murder of his wife and her lover. In the prison, Andy is regularly raped by three of his inmates and goes through the regular hardships of a prisoner. He keeps his hope alive and eventually manages to escape through the tunnel that he dug with his rock hammer over the past 19 years. The movie gives us a golden lesson that we must keep ourselves calm and composed even in the toughest situations of life because there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Shawshank Redemption
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“Get busy living or get busy dying.”

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

The movie depicts the story of a salesman who faces several failures, challenges, and hardships in life. He struggles hard to deal with the growing financial demands, his wife leaves him and he became homeless at one point. But he never gave up and keep moving towards his goal in the pursuit of his dreams. The one important lesson that this movie teaches us- Life will throw several problems and challenges in your way, you have the choice to either surrender to them or take things in your hand and work hard to achieve what you want in life and reach where you want to be.

The Pursuit of Happyness
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“Don’t ever let somebody tell you, you can’t do something.”

The Bucket List (2007)

The Bucket List is the story of two ill men, Edward and Carter who meet each other in hospital after being diagnosed with lung cancer. Sharing the room at the hospital during their treatment, at first, they rub each other only to become good friends later. During the treatment, they learn that they only have a year left before they bid goodbye to this world. Turns out Carter has a bucket list that he wants to complete before he dies. Edward likes the idea and both of them embark on a trip to fulfill their bucket list. The movie shows us that life is unexpected and you never know what’s next, so find the joy in your life and bring joy to other people’s lives.

The Bucket List
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“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.”

The Intouchables (2011)

The movie portrays the story of Phillipe, a millionaire who gets paralyzed down the neck in a paragliding accident. This accident changes his life forever and confined him to the wheelchair. In search of a caretaker, he meets Driss, a homeless man with a criminal record for robbery who applies for the job. Along with taking good care of Phillipe, Driss develops a friendship with him and help recover from the misery that arises from the disability as a result of the accident. Based on a true story, this movie sends the powerful message that disability is not the end of the life and it makes you believe in the power of love, life, and friendship.

The Intouchables
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“Don’t wait for things to get easier, simpler, better. Life will always be complicated. Learn to be happy right now. Otherwise, you’ll run out of time.”

If you believe that life has gone out of your hands and you need that extra dose of motivation to keep the spark alive within these movies will become your guiding light. Just go to Netflix and enjoy them while learning the important lessons of life.

There is a famous saying that “No love is greater than a mom’s love and no care is greater than a dad’s care.” It is one of the best moments of life when you make your parents smile. But with age, many things change and that is the law of life. At a certain age, you may feel that your parents are not understanding you and vice-versa. Maybe you don’t feel like calling them or returning home just to avoid any banter with them. Not only teenagers but adults also face this challenge at some point in their life. Career change, lack of relaxation, health issues, insurance premium, loans, EMI, dreams, aspirations, etc. – there are too many factors that cause a bump in this beautiful relationship.

With a few simple ways, you can mitigate this problem from your life. Read below:

Treat them as Fellow Adults and not Parents
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A lot of teenagers and some grown-ups complain that their parents don’t treat them like an adult. You have to understand that your age difference would always remain the same with them and thus you would always remain a kid to them. But, you have to help them let you grow up. Treat them like your fellow friends or acquaintances and things would get better. If you start practicing this, they would finally understand that you have grown up.

Laugh Together
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Nothing can beat the tonic of laughter when it comes to feeling easy in any relationship. Make a habit of sharing nice jokes, reading out a funny e-mail, or narrating a meme would be suggested. There would always be some amount of stress in life (both you and your parents) and humor helps to alleviate that. Remember that if you can laugh together, you are definitely doing ok!

Share Your Problems
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There cannot be anyone else in this world who can understand you better than your parents. Even when they know that you are wrong, they would try to support you because of the unconditional love they have for you. This logic would also apply here when you feel that they don’t understand you. Don’t keep silent or keep sulking in a corner, instead, share whatever is bothering you. With due respect to them, narrate which are the problems that are bothering you. If your mom or dad calls you in the daytime which hampers your professional performance, you must share that challenge with them.

Seek Opinion Only When You Require
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Sometimes, you ask your parents “what to do” in certain situations. Well, that is a way of seeking their permission or letting them know that you are still not capable of taking your own decisions. From selecting the color of the car to buying the living room furniture – you are capable enough as an adult to go choose what suits your taste! Parents would always want the best things for their child and in case they are providing a piece of advice, smile and look at it but always keep the final decision to yourself without any guilt.

Solve Your Personal & Financial Crisis on Your Own
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As a grown-up adult, you should be fully responsible for yourself. Yes, of course, you need your parents for an emotional support but seeking help from them to solve your personal or financial crisis would not be a great idea. Somewhere, you would also be proud of yourself to deal with your own challenges. This would boost your confidence and your parents would also be proud of you.

Look out for Common Interests
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The common interest can be anything like traveling, biking, hiking, fishing, reading, movie-watching, shopping, baking, dancing, singing, etc. Always look out for shared interests to spend some more quality time with them. When you share a common interest in some kind of activity, you naturally come closer to them. If your parents love to visit historical places, go with them, because who knows you may end up loving history too. Similarly, you can introduce your parents to Netflix and you never know, you would end up spending all the weekends watching Prime Videos together!

Always be Grateful
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To sustain any kind of relationship, gratitude plays an essential role. You may not like a certain habit of your parents but you simply ignore the fact that they are the reasons behind your life. So, don’t miss any small to big opportunity to appreciate their efforts as a parent. When you thank more for the good things, better things materialize.

Communication in a relationship is like the oxygen. Without proper communication, the relationship dies and thus, use these very simple methods in your daily life and improve your relationship with your parents.

India is the largest democracy in the world and we Indians boast off the fact that we have a culturally diverse country. This cultural diversity is definitely a result of the physical or topographical diversity. The presence of mountains, sea, islands, and tidal forests make India a traveler’s paradise for sure. There are many famous tourist destinations in India like Goa, Manali, Agra, Jaipur, Kashmir, Ladakh, Darjeeling, etc. But there lies an India apart from these famous destinations which are to attract a massive annual footfall. Perhaps that is one of the reasons behind the peace that you can enjoy in these less-crowded places.

To fill up your travel diary, you can thus plan to visit these flowing places in India which are quite off-beat in spirit. But you would definitely feel satiated after the visit.

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Located in the stunning Meghalaya, this place was awarded as “the cleanest village in Asia” in the year 2003 and “the cleanest village in India” in the year 2005. The breath-taking view of the East Khasi hills is simply outstanding here. It is 90 kms from Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya. One of the prime attractions of this place is the living roots bridge which depicts a miracle of Nature. So, book the tickets and pack your bags now for a thrilling stay at Mawlynnong.

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Ziro is Arunachal Pradesh’s best-kept secret. Ziro is also a World Heritage Site certified by the UNESCO. The striking name, typical tattoos on people, an internationally acclaimed ingenious method of paddy cum fish farming – are some of the peculiarities of this place. The oil painting kind of pine tree locales would give you a big relief from the hustle-bustle of busy city life. People need minimalistic things to be happy and money definitely is not one of them! You would understand this logic in this vastly different land named Ziro. It is 115 kms away from Itanagar, the capital of Arunachal Pradesh. The Apatani tribe welcomes you with a big smile and a golden heart. You can visit this place during the famous Ziro Music Festival during September.

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It is a town located in Hassan District of Karnataka. This place was the capital of the Hoysala Empire in the 12th Century and the Hoysala architecture is something praiseworthy which you cannot miss. The Dwarasamudra is the other name of this place which means “gateway to the seas”. In the early 14th century, Malik Kafur conquered this dynasty. So, if you are someone who loves to witness the remnants of the past, this place must be there in your list.

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This place belongs to Assam and it is also the world’s biggest river island in the Brahmaputra River. In the year 2016, it became the first island to be made a district in India. If you are planning to go to Assam, you must not miss this island. This island is accessible through ferries that would be available from Jorhat. It is 20 kms away from Jorhat. One can also take the bus or a hired taxi to the Nimati Steamer Ghat from where ferry services would help to reach the destination. The special interest of tourists here comprise of: The Vaishnava Satras founded by Sankardeva, The colorful culture of the tribes, Migratory birds, The Ali-ai-ligang festival in Feb-March, Pottery making, Mask making, Paal Namm festival at the end of winter, etc.

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This extremely peaceful place is located in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh which is 24 kms ride from Dalhousie. Himachal Pradesh or Chamba is quite popular but Khajjiar is a hidden beauty which is still unexplored. Many people even call it “Mini Switzerland of India”. The lush green meadows, lakes, and majestic hills make it a traveler’s paradise. You can opt for paragliding, horse-riding, or zorbing while you are here. Or simply, take a cup of tea and enjoy your sketching, reading, writing, or singing!

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This place belongs to Gujarat and is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park is a pure delight as it holds Hindu and Islamic style of the design dating back to 8th to 16th Century. This city Champaner was built by Sultan Mahmud Begada of Gujarat in the lap of the Pavagadh hills. You would find forts with bastions, palaces, entrance gates and arches, mosques, tombs and temples, residential complexes, agricultural structures and water installations such as step wells and tanks starting from the hills of Pavagadh, and extending into the city of Champaner. History still speaks from the walls of the forts here. This place is worth visiting.

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Lunglei is the second largest city of Mizoram belonging to North East India. The name of the place means “bridge of rock”. Blessed with an unmatchable natural beauty, this place also has some other tourist attractions. They are Zobawk Sports Academy, Kawmzawl Park, Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary, Saikuti Hall, and Thuamluaia Mual. A helicopter service has been initiated by Pawan Hans between Aizawl and Lunglei. This place is 165 kms from Aizawl.

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The crystal clear beaches, serene hills, peaceful shrines, nostalgic lighthouses, this is a beach town located in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala on the shores of the Arabian Sea. It is 40 kms North West of Thiruvananthapuram. Although Kerala has a flat coastline, this is the only place in the South fo Kerala where cliffs are found adjacent to the sea. In 2015, this place has been marked as a geo-heritage site by the Geological Survey of India. Papanasam Beach is one of the most popular places here where the Sadhus or Sages perform holy rituals to clear you off sins. A dip in the sea water here is believed to ward off sins. Kappil Lake, Anjengo Fort, Varkala Tunnel, Sivagiri Mutt, etc. are some other tourist attractions here.

So, explore India like never before and see how different people are in different pockets of the country.

An old proverb says – “Early to bed and early to rise; Makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”. Right when the Sun rises, it is a signal of a New Day to wake up and start afresh with all your work. The Daytime is to work and the night is there to sleep without tension. Many of our modern day baggage leave us with a topsy-turvy lifestyle and that results in a barrage of ailments from hypertension, diabetes, insomnia, anxiety, etc. There is a method to approach life and waking up early, right on time is necessary to face life – as simple as that! Sometimes, you may feel the need to break free such strict schedule of waking up early to enjoy your escapades, but make sure in the long run you don’t lose touch with your early morning hours activeness because that would make you a better version of yourself!

Read the few benefits of waking up early and motivate yourself for leading a better life. Because, my friend, you get only one life and that should be well-lived.

Enjoy the Quiet Time
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Just like the silent night, a peaceful morning also has its beauty. This peaceful time has a lot of energy in its store and if you are not an early riser, you are missing out something major! Enjoy your exercise, self-analysis, goal-setting, making an agenda for the day, meditation, etc. in this early morning hours. You can gather your mind to solve the problems of your life. Waking up early also gives you some extra time to get ready for work and be the best at it. You can avoid the peak hour traffic and reach office before time and that would give a better impression to your management. Actually, in this early morning hours, you can focus in a better way as there is hardly anyone to distract you!

Productivity Increases
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Life cannot be workless – right? To prove that you are alive and to keep marching forward, you have to work as that gives a shape to you. Early rising makes you more productive than the rest who don’t get up early. The morning fresh air has its magical effect on your body and mind. It energies your cells and enables you to take lesser time in finishing the tasks assigned to you. Not only that, you can take better decisions than others promptly, achieve your set goals, and plan better than others. This logic applies to both professionals and students.

Better Mental Health
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You can always take medicine or apply ointment to heal your physical injury. But what about the mental illness? No medicine cannot cure the mental anxiety – it is all about good practices. Waking up early is one of the most effective ways to stay mentally fit. Those who wake up early in the morning are happier and possess a more positive approach towards life than others. In your stressful days also you should not miss upon waking up early because that eliminates stress quicker!

Blissful Sleep
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Just like your mobile phone needs to be charged to work swiftly, your body needs a proper sleep to work the next day. An undisturbed 6-8 hours of sleep keeps you mentally and physically active all through the day. Early rising will automatically make you crawl to the bed after 9-10 P.M. at night. To improve the quality of life, to eliminate all signs of stress, and to keep a positive mind, this habit of sleep must be followed.

Helps in a Healthy Diet
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Waking up early means, you would not be late for your assignments. This would give you time to prepare and eat your breakfast properly without any rush. If you snooze your morning alarm, you are more likely to skip the most important meal of the day i.e., breakfast and tend to starve or overeat later. Both these situations lead to an unhealthy diet system which would be harmful in the long run.

Benjamin Franklin once said that “The early morning has gold in its mouth”. That is true. If you wish to achieve something in life, start it in the daytime and see the results coming in your lap so easily! If you are a late riser, you can take baby steps towards improving that habit. Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier every week and over a period of time and see the magic!