Italian Cuisine Lover? These Delhi Restaurants are your paradise!

Mammma Mia will be the feeling!
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Eat to Live, Don’t live to Eat

Here’s some Italian wisdom to get your taste buds already tickling! While we English-speaking folks tend to say something along the lines of “work to live, don’t live to work” – showing our work-centric approach to life, Italians have shown us a better way to love food and life!

‘Mamma Mia’ is the word that comes to my mind when I think of a freshly made penne arrabiata! Delhi has no dearth of amazing food joints and outlets and over these years what has kept me hooked on this city is the amazing food options that it offers to the natives and unlike!

The essence of pan-pizzas, spaghetti and what not is already lingering on my mind. I am sure you’ve been to one or two places I am about to mention and if you have not got that lucky then consider your food experience attain sheer salvation!

Big Chill Café, Khan Market, MGF Metropolitan
Big Chill Cafe
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Who hasn’t heard of Big Chill! It is the universe of amazing pasta and pizza delights. The minute you’ll have that first bite of their red-sauce pasta it is going to be a Bon’ Appetite Moment! But I am pretty sure it’s the Audrey Hepburn staring down at me from her Breakfast at Tiffany’s poster. Here, surrounded by pretty posters of artists long gone, in the warm ambient light, the buzz of conversations floating about, you can hardly brush off the good feeling that engulfs you.

QD’s, Satya Niketan/GTB Nagar 
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I was introduced to QD’s in my first year of graduation and not because of its heavenly pasta. But, because of the steamed momos, it offers to its visitors. I’ll make a confession here – I am not a fan of momos, in fact as much as I like the sound of this dish’s name the same amount of hatred is for this dish. A few of my friends even call me an outsider aka not a Delhite. But, who is generalizing? Right! If you are ever craving for those perfect bites of mouth-watering pasta then QD’s is surely the place to be! Leave the chicken tandoori momos aside for your non-vegetarian friends.

Tipsy Elephant Café, Connaught Place 
Tipsy Elephant
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I started my graduation in the year 2012, back then CP was a place for lazy office-goers and metro regulars, and now whenever I am in and around CP I have seen a phenomenal change in its aura! It has become the-place-to-be on a Saturday night! With this fresh and sensational change, there is also a sea of same interior style imitated on cafes around each block. Defying all these “me-too” blocks is Tipsy Elephant Café that offers you a balcony on a spring night with your people to enjoy the best of 80’s music. Coming back to Italy, You have to try their veggie delight pizza that is a sight to behold and savour for the time you’re there at this place.

Billu’s Hut, Netaji Subhash Place
Billu's Hut
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If you are that one spendthrift person like me and on a lonely Friday night your only escape is food then take out that vehicle or hail the Red-Line metro to experience the wonders of Billu’s Hut. Billu’s Hut is an extremely popular food joint for mixed sauce, red-sauce and penne Alfredo. How can I forget? Their kit Kat and traffic jam shake are to die for! These two amazing eateries will only cost you 200 bucks and then you can’t call it a Friday night! It is truly death by chocolate and of course, by the spices of Italy in their dishes on the menu!

Vault Café, Connaught Place
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I have been to Vault Café too many times to count and every time the chef’s culinary skills do not fail to impress me. Vault Café is that one place where you can just enjoy those good, old, nice, bored, sad whatever talks with your girlfriends and relish the taste of their spaghetti. You can count on me for this one! I don’t know if they’re those wall like vaults that attract me to the place and give me a sense of being in one of those harry potter movies or the outdoor seating or the Italian food! Vault Café is a must visit for all things too good to be really true!

Hailing from New Delhi, Saumya wears her heart on her sleeve for her city. An ailurophile and an author of two novels; she is a voracious reader and divides her time between studying authors and cooks, often simultaneously! Alongside the day job, she’s currently trying to work on a travel blog (The Road Taken and Written) representing India. She can be found on various corners of the internet, but most frequently on Facebook and Twitter as “isaumyakaushik”. If you’re ever interested in discussing Harry Potter, Saumya re-reads the series at least once a year, so drop her a line.

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