24 Lessons Turning 24 will teach you!

24 Words of Wisdom!
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24 is an awkward yet wise age. This number sounds heavy and more so, the baggage it gives from the society makes it plausible. You start to look back on the times you’ve spent with people who were literally there for you. There are those who stab you in the back, those who stand for you miraculously and those who never return back.

At 24, you realize that maybe you haven’t stopped loving people but more so, you have lost trust in them and you begin to learn if you can really love someone just for a moment, without trusting them, believing that you can even take a bullet for them.

Sometimes at 24, you retreat yourself into a cocoon again and refuse to come out of it because you are so done with those who constantly are out there to drain your energy and bring you no good.

Lesson 1
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At 24, you voluntarily avoid the people you love and hurt yourself by hurting them and don’t know the reasons behind your actions. You escape. You start doing things you never thought you would do. Your cocoon becomes ever so stronger and maybe you become weaker than ever from inside.

And sometimes tragically at 24, your 20’s begin afresh with the new challenges and curve balls. Avoid, Do, Read, Learn, Accept, Move On and look out for a fresh change at 24.

  1. Pleasing people account for your own failure.
  2. Watch out for those who don’t applaud your achievements.
  3. Ignore the constant pulling you down remarks. They are not worth it.
  4. Ignoring negativity is no sign of an optimist.
  5. Stay away from those who always want to have ‘the last word’.
  6. If you feel they drain your energy, learn to ignore them.
  7. Seek what is seeking you.
  8. Recall back your day every night.
  9. Keep a journal.
  10. Travel as far as you can, as much as you can.
  11. Ignorance is truly a bliss!
  12. Respect everyone’s individuality.

    Lesson 12
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  13. Judge but don’t hate! There’s a difference!
  14. There will be great days.
  15. There will be awful days too.
  16. Respect yours and others choices.
  17. Lend an ear to a person in need.
  18. Meet people Face To Face.
  19. Write every day. You need not publish it.
  20. The world you see is a reflection of you.
  21. Even your closest friends will hurt you at some point in time.
  22. Don’t stay in the past. It will not bring any good.
  23. Invest in genuine friendships.
  24. You can always go on a long walk after a bad day!
    Lesson 24
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    Image Credits: The comics are by artist Augustina Argentina.

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