Discover Gujarat in Delhi’s Janpath Market!

This is one shopping heaven not to be missed!
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Street Shopping is the “it” thing to do when you have your pockets full and varieties of style in mind. Who needs to visit expensive malls and shopping complexes when one can buy anything and everything from street markets like Janpath, Sarojini Nagar, Paharganj, Chandni Chowk and many more? This article aims at throwing light on one such obscure lane near “Janpath” known as the ‘Gujarati Market’.

When you find yourself at the end of Janpath Market, you’ll find another hidden treasure, on the right side, also known as the ‘Gujarati Market’. Depicting the ethnic culture of Gujarat, this market attracts many tourists. A small hub of Indian handicraft items – this Gujarati Market is a pocket-friendly arena for those who are fond of Indian handicrafts and ethnic wear.

Gujarati Market
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Jhollas similar to a haversack is found in abundance at this market. They are handcrafted with beautiful embroidery over them. You can also find Jhollas with patchwork, sheesha work (mirror work), and other forms of beautiful embroidery. These bags in this market are sold at reasonable prices ranging from INR 350/-. Stylish traditional clutches are also available here; these clutches when used strategically will give a stunning look to your attire. Clutches here are available in different sizes and their prices vary accordingly. For the smallest clutch, the vendors charge INR 350/-approximately. For those looking for an extra “oomph” on their tradition game, the ‘Potli’ purses are a steal deal!

Embroidered Gujrati jackets also known as ‘Kutch’, a traditional piece of clothing worn during dandiya is also available here. You can find Kutch in Phulkari embroidery as well. Kutch costs start from INR.300/- and scale up depending on the amount of density of embroidery on the jackets.

The list of handicrafts items doesn’t end here. For interior designing lovers, this market gives you a surprise! In this section of the market, you can get different varieties of paintings; Rajasthani paintings are found most prominently here. The cost of paintings increases according to the size and the fabric is painted on it. The prices dawn from INR 150/- for the smallest and accelerate higher according to the size of the painting. Mughal era inspired paintings which cost INR 650/- approximately are also found here.

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You can also find a few chic dinning décors materials in this market. Patchwork table runners, as well as table runners in silk fabric, will give a nice bohemian feel and a bright look to the interiors of your house. And they cost INR 350/-! Other than that, you can also find single and double sized bed sheets, cushion covers, wall hangings and a lot of other items to beautify your home with eye-catching handicrafts easily available here with costs ranging up to INR 3500/- but after initial bargain tricks, you can get it for INR 1800/-. The embellished divan bed sheets are available for INR 2800/-, while silk and cotton cushion covers with Gujrati embroidery will cost you INR 750/-.

Bags in Gujarati Market
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Sarees from Banaras with brocade work, Gujrati Ghagra, Phulkari Dupattas, Gujrati belts, Tassels, heavily embroidered dress material are the uniqueness of this market. Their costs range from INR 650/- to INR3000/-, but you can bargain your heart out and get them for lesser prices. Lastly, for those who love ethnic and antique jewelry–this is the place for you! Here you can find all kinds of silver antique jewellery at affordable prices. Also known as “Banjaran” jewellery this comes from Gujarat and Karnataka. The price of 25 paisa coin statement neckpieces’ ranges from INR 500/- to INR 2500/-, but you can bargain for them as well and get them for at rates you’d never think of.

Shops in Gujarati Market
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For those of you who are extremely fond of traditional articles, whether it is clothes or accessories or décor, the Gujrati Market is definite a pit stop in Delhi NCR. So, don’t wait and hit the streets of Delhi with Gujarat in your heart!


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