Try these 5 tempting cuisines in Kashmir!

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India is a country with rich cultural diversity where every state or region has its own distinct characteristics. Jammu and Kashmir which is known as “Heaven on Earth” is renowned for its mesmerizing beauty, mouth-watering cuisines and warm hospitality. If you are planning a trip to this wonderful state, don’t forget to try out some of its lip-smacking cuisines that can make your journey truly memorable.

Rogan Josh
rogan josh
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It is one of the signature dishes of Kashmir and consists of aromatic lamb. The huge popularity of Rogan Josh is attributed to Mughals who introduced it to this region. This amazing cuisine has a deep red colour which is said to be obtained from the distinct Kashmiri Lal Mirchi, dried flowers or extraordinary roots of ratan jot, a herb. It is further flavoured with ginger, garlic and aromatic spices to get a divine taste. Further, the juicy pieces of lamb or mutton are washed properly and cooked slowly on a low flame. Once it is prepared, enjoy the wonderful amalgamation of tender meat and spices with roti or naan.

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The celebration of important occasions and events in Kashmir is incomplete without the presence of this traditional dish of Goshtaba. It is an extraordinary cuisine which is minced mutton balls that are cooked in the presence of yoghurt and fragrant spices. This mouth-watering cuisine is served as a side dish after the meal and melts instantly in your mouth.

Dum Aloo
kashmiri dum aloo
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The diverse cuisine of Kashmir also has much to offer vegetarians in the form of this special dish. Here, potatoes are cooked for a long time till they become soft by soaking up the yummy gravy made from yoghurt, ginger, fennel and other spices. Dum Aloo is prepared with baby potatoes and can be delightfully enjoyed with rice or rotis.

kashmiri yakhni
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Offering you unique flavours, Yakhni can leave your taste buds asking for more. The cuisine is a yummy blend of mutton, yoghurt, clove, bay leaves, cardamom and cinnamon. With a dash of saffron, in the end, you can enjoy this cuisine with steaming pulao to satiate your palate.

Modur Pulao
Modur Pulao
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You need to prepare this sweet potato dish known as Modur Pulao with a generous dose of ghee. This aromatic dish is further sprinkled with the mild spices, dry fruits and nuts making it a delightful engagement with your taste buds. To attain a heavenly taste, you can pair up the dish with spicy Dum Aloo and can pamper yourself after a tiring day long journey.

So, give yourself a relishing treat of these regional Kashmiri cuisines and take your soul-stirring journey to another level. It is time to delight your taste buds a little.

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