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5 Soul Stirring Romantic Novels You Must Read

Find the love which is inside of you!
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If love is the center of a flower, romance definitely refers to those numerous petals holding love beautifully.

Love is a feeling which is given a shape by romance!

This adventurous, magical, and mystical romance makes us feel alive. This thrilling romance should never disappear from life! Since ages, poets, writers, novelists, and artists have mulled over “Romance” and gifted us some great creative piece of their work. A writer puts all the heart and soul in creating romance on the pages which is forever imprinted in your soul.

Here’s a list of those soul-stirring romantic novels which have been loved over centuries!

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
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Leo Tolstoy published this amazing novel in installments from 1873 to 1877 in the periodical name “The Russian Messenger”. In a complete book form, it came out in the year 1878. This classic novel is about a woman named Anna Karenina who is quite powerful and hold s a prestigious position in the society. But just to be with the love of her life, she keeps all those societal and moral norms of the society at the backseat. What you would absorb from this novel is the supreme passion felt in love along with certain conflicts that you face with the self.

Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier
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It is actually a thriller novel mastered by Daphne Du Maurier. This is one of those novels that never went out of print – for the immensely captivating plot fueled with a passionate romance. Many would opine that it is almost gothic in its intensity and tone. Alfred Hitchcock narrated this passionate novel on the screen which went on to win an Oscars. The anonymous narrator becomes a bride to Maxim De Winter who owns a lavish and dreamy estate called Manderley. This nameless narrator is constantly haunted by the presence of her husband’s former wife named Rebecca. Be ready to unleash a truly dramatic tale of romance!

Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell
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You have loved the movie and now its time to read it in black and white and develop more love for the characters. It is simply the story of Scarlett, a young beautiful woman living in Tara, a plantation area in Georgia. She has many worthy suitors surrounding her but she passionately desires for Ashley who accidentally gets engaged to his cousin. This novel is set in 1861 and you would feel that old world charm in the pages.

The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald
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The Great Gatsby is like another “Devdas” in a different setup! It would strike all the right romantic emotions inside you. While you finish this novel, you would have a feeling of fulfillment as well as a vacuum. There is a mysterious millionaire Gatsby who follows his dreamy and romantic passion for Daisy but she gets married to an influential socialite. You would read the tones of modernism punched with idealism in this novel. This bitter-sweet story of burning romance would leave you crying for Gatsby!

The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje
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Michael Ondaatje won a Booker Prize for this outstanding romance tale. It is set during the time of the 2nd World War when an anonymous burnt patient comes under the guard of an Italian Nurse named Hana. The writer has beautifully used flashback theory to illustrate the patient’s past life and lover whom he has lost. In the process of curing this English Patient, Hana falls in love with him. This palpable story later inspired many celluloid dramas too.

These romantic novels would surely give you a better insight into this sphere called Romance. You would cry, you would laugh, but most importantly you would feel how magical love can be! As Rumi Said:

“Be drunk in love since love is everything that exists”

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