Know Why Conjuring Was A Cult In The Genre Of Horror Movies

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Movies are an important part of our life and emerge as a favorite pastime for a lot of people around the world. When we are talking about movies, there are lots of people who are a fan of comedy movies, romantic movies, action movies, sci-fi movies, horror movies, thriller movies and a lot of other genres. Here, I am discussing “The Conjuring”, a horror movie released in the year 2013 that not only broke the box office records but also became a cult horror movie. Take a quick look at various points that describe why The Conjuring is so scary for movie-goers.

The Movie Is Influenced By A Real Story

Unlike other predictable horror movies, it is more like a documentary drama that unfolds slowly at a constant pace. After watching the movie, you can easily experience the series of events that have happened with the Warrens family who is the inspiration behind this plot. Along with the cinematography of whole events, the use of spooky and eerie music makes the movie even more terrifying.

The movie is influenced by a real story
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The Conjuring Is Filled With Unexpected and Chilling Scenes

Nowhere in the movie, you can have a dull or far stretched moment. This is because the movie depicts the series of supernatural events that occurred with a real family and is not based on a flimsy plot. The same Warrens family was involved in Amityville Horror movie also but The Conjuring is pretty much scarier than the former with a more realistic version. With the continuous emergence of suspense moments, it can set your pulse racing and can cause goosebumps on your stomach.

The Conjuring is filled with unexpected and chilling scenes
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The Movie Takes Help Of Old School Tricks

There are lots of people who have an unusual fear of dolls, rocking chairs, basements, wind-up music boxes, clowns and other things. The movie has utilized all these things to its full advantage for creating suspense and panic. Due to the brilliant involvement of all these things in the main plot, the audience is bound to see these things differently once they leave the movie theatre.

The movie takes help of old school tricks
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It Can Be Anything But Predictable

The movie keeps people on the edge of their seat so that they are engrossed with the plot till the very end. Barring the few predictable scenes, the plot challenges your imagination and prediction at all times. There are numerous scenes like the banging of doors with a person inside, trapping of a family member in a wardrobe and not to miss the scary and terrifying exorcism at the end that can make you scream effortlessly.

It can be anything but predictable
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I will not divulge any other details of the plot or it will ruin the entire pleasure of watching this horror movie. So, just watch it yourself and experience the thrilling horror classic like never before. If you want to know more about this real incident, do visit the Warrens page at the New England Society for Psychic Research.

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