Do’s and Don’ts to Maintain a Strong Relationship

When you think there is a problem in your relationship- You are mostly Right!
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A famous poet once said that “there is nothing like a perfect job”

Well, that logic applies to relationships also. The word perfect seems to be redundant in relationships because we all are different individuals with many flaws in our cells. These flaws or imperfections if highlighted more – life becomes miserable. But the moment you own these imperfections (both yours and your partners), you can subtly make that perfect relationship!

To be very honest there is no reference book that would help you to maintain a healthy and strong relationship because every couple is different in some way. But still, on a very general note, you can follow the mentioned DO’s and Don’ts to avoid any misunderstanding between the two of you.

Do’s to Follow:

Emotional Intimacy:
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There is a mind, heart, and soul beyond the glossy skin tone, shiny hair, and that curvaceous body. In today’s time, many couples fall apart because of the lack of emotional intimacy which is a must. He/she would feel connected to you, even more, when you read their mind and present their heart’s desire even before asking. For this emotional bonding, you just need to be 100% true to your partner and a little sensitive towards his/her feelings.

Invest in Planning the Future:
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When you have planned the weekend escapade to Manali, you were excited to pack the bags, bring the trekking shoes, shop for sunglasses and jackets, etc. That must have been exhilarating – right? Think that the future life is also like that satisfying Manali trip and plan it with him/her. When you have bigger goals and aspirations, you tend to take just the right steps towards demonstrating them. Bring up topics like home loans, cars, medical policies, joint account, etc. All these things really help in focusing the right energy in your relationship.

Communicate and Appreciate:
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That dog (in the voice of Aamir Khan in the movie Dil Dhadakne Do) said it correctly, “Human is the only species of animals that have been given the power to speak or communicate with each other. But they don’t know how to communicate – either they don’t talk or talk to create misunderstandings”. That was truly narrated. There is nothing in this world that cannot be solved with effective communication. Talk about your day, challenges, favorite food, adventure, etc. And also don’t forget to appreciate while communicating. The more you appreciate your partner, there would be more happiness in your relationship.

Give A Comfortable Home:
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Your presence should be something which can instantly make him/her feel like home. When after all the hard work of the day your partner returns home, he/she should not be bombarded with complaints or negative things. Home is the address where we all love to return and this home should always reflect happiness. Who can do that better than you! Of course, you have to talk about bills, loans, etc. but give some time to your partner to freshen up.

Dont’s to Avoid-

Don’t Highlight Weakness:

No one is perfect and that’s what makes us human beings. You, your partner, or your neighbor – everyone has some kind of weakness. But if you want to go ahead with your relationship, you should never ever highlight the weakness of your partner. There is a famous saying – whatever you think and thank about, you bring about. So, appreciate more which would motivate him/her for better things. No one can stay in a negative atmosphere where only criticism plays its role perfectly. Be gentle in helping him/her eliminate that weakness.

Don’t Retaliate in Bad Faith:

There is a saying that “the way others treat you is their Karma and the way you respond is your Karma”. Isn’t that great to keep your Karma clean? To maintain a strong relationship, you should always keep in your mind that you have to treat the other person exactly the way you want to be treated. Maybe in the past, your partner has wronged you but that doesn’t mean you have to retaliate when the other person needs you!

Don’t Amplify Situations:

Both you and your partner are different individuals with different mental boxes. As you have your set of frustrations, so does your partner. So, before blowing up things out of proportions by shouting or acting ridiculously, sit down, take a deep breath, and see things obliquely. Be gentle while addressing your partner. Speak up openly about your problems to him/her and handle things calmly.

Don’t Walk Into Personal Space:

When in a relationship, many couples think that they own each other 100% and that’s a big mistake. You are just in a romantic liaison and that is just a part of your life like all other things (job, entertainment, friends, etc.). Always acknowledge giving him/her a personal space where he/she sits with best friends or simply spends time alone reading books, watching movies, etc. Both you and your partner would be happier if you don’t walk into each other’s personal space.

When you happen to sense a problem in your relationship, it is always wise to talk to each other truly and sort it out rather than breaking it up. A relationship is all about giving your 50-50 to make a wholesome 100. Invest good things to improve your 50 and the rest of the happiness would simply follow you!


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